Our Valued Partners

Arin Solange

A blogger, content creator, and most importantly mom of 4, Arin has a huge heart and welcomed the opportunity to partner with a brand run by two mothers in Our Local Wallpaper Studio. As Arin stated, "The wallpaper is the best of the best and I am excited to share these exclusive prints with you all."

Karrie Locher

Karrie is a postpartum and neonatal nurse, certified lactation counselor and mother of four. She has a devoted online following on social media and shares much of what she knows on various platforms. In working with Our Local Wallpaper Studio, Karrie has partnered with Kimber Sansone Designs to create designs that are both cozy and quaint.

Kimber Sansone

A corporate business woman turned stay at home working mom, we are forever grateful to work with Kimber Sansone Designs on a variety of interior design projects. With a passion for interior design and decor, Kimber is a busy mother and creative DIYer.

Woman owned & operated.

Meet Taylor, Casey, and Rachel.